The origins

Patric Lorenzon starts its activity in the world of the wine in 1991 as agent of wine in bottle for some companies in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The growth

In 1999, after a growing demand of grapes and bulk wines, expecially Pinot Grigio, the company Patric Lorenzon envolved into “Patric Lorenzon srl” , registering an expansion of the staff and products range. The company operates with musts, wines in fermentation and finished wines. We are recognized in the bulk wine market as well as in the bottled products.

In 2010 the first investments to International Fairs and, consequently, the first sales abroad. For this reason the team changes, transferring the responsabilities of Enrico Boatto from admistrative to partner and broker.

The turn

In 2013 have begun the first exports of bottled wines, Prosecco in particular, because of the prohibition to bottle it outside Italy. The company had a business increase and also the responsibilities of Sonia Carolo have been moved from commercial to partner and broker.

In 2014 the agency envolved into “PATRIC LORENZON & PARTNERS SRL” and the export business became bigger in bulk and bottled wines.

Contact with the territory

Our visits in the vineyards start in July, allowing us to have a prior evaluation of the grapes and, consequently, of the wine.
Thanks to the careful analysis of the legislative changes in the wine sector, we are able to optimize and identify different business opportunities, cooperating also with external collaborators.


LORENZON PATRICPresident, Partner and Broker - Italy
+39 348 9036777
BOATTO ENRICOPartner and Broker – Italy, North-East area
+ 39 348 3014848
TOFFOLO SEBASTIANOPartner, Winemaker and Broker – North Italy area
+ 39 345 2215449
CAROLO SONIAPartner and Broker – Export
+ 39 328 2480141
CESCA MASSIMOBroker - Italy, North-East area and organic wines
+ 39 335 5989611
TUSSET GIORGIOWinemaker, Broker
+ 39 335 5989611
CIBIN CINZIA Administrative / Accounting Assistant
Tel. + 39 0421 311201
Fax 0421 460758
DALLA ZETA CLAUDIA Administrative / Accounting Assistant
Tel. + 39 0421 311201
Fax 0421 460758

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